Re-View: Lindenow #13 at Pilotenkueche / 06.-08.10.17

Here are some impressions of the exhibition with which we were part of the LINDENOW #13 program. We thank all people who visited the collection of our program and got in touch with our new residents.

All photos by PK

Diversity Collection” / international group exhibition

Open Hours
Fri, 06.10.17, 7 – 11pm
Sa, 07.10.17, 3 – 10pm
Su, 08.10.17, 3 – 8pm
Location: PILOTENKUECHE, 2nd Floor, Franz-Flemmingstr. 9, D-04179 Leipzig

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Exhibiting Artists
Benjamin Nachtigall (Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Vienna, Austria)
Corinna D’Schoto (Installation, Painting; Glasgow, Scotland)
George de Moura (Animation, Video; East Hampton, USA)
Heet Lee (Painting; Philadelphia, USA)
Hean Kim (Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Sharon Norwood (Painting, Drawing, Ceramic; Florida, USA)
Sheena Scott (Film, Video; Bridlington, UK)
Robin Zöffzig (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Matthias Garff  (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
Ryan Hatfield (Installation, Painting; USA)
Sun Chang (Installation, Performance, Sound;London, UK)
Yerin Kim (Scultpure, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Activism; South Korea)
Hannes Uhlenhaut (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Marie Lynn Ravens (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
Christian Brown (Mixed Media, Printmaking; USA)
Natalia Kalicki (Painting; Poland, Canada)
Ines Muff (Painting; Leipzig Germany)
Martin Holz (Mixed Media, Painting, Installation, Sound; Leipzig, Germany)

International residents
Ali Glover (Sculpture, Installation; London, UK)
Guillaume Côté Roux (Sculpture, Photography; Québec, Canada)
Guy Eytan (Performance, Video, Sculpture; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Hwi Hahm (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting; New York, USA, Korea)
Jiangliu Dong (Sound, Video, Installation; Jinan, China)
Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Morgan Buck (Mixed Media, Painting, Photography; Portland, USA)
Olivia Malena Vidal (Photography, Painting; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Paula Fraile (Painting, Printmaking, Video; Guadalajara, Spain)
Peter Cvik (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Romain Tallet (Conceptual, Installation, Performance, Sound, Video; Koekelberg, Belgium, France)
Zishi Han (Installation, Video, Digital; London, UK, China)

Local Participants
Martin Schuster (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Sébastien Kauffmann (Photography, Installation; Colmar, France; Leipzig, Germany)

Clara Sjölin (London, UK)
Renin Zeynep Simsek (Halle, Germany)