Beyond ‘Hypezig’: Connecting international artists in eastern Germany
by Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas

“We make it so the program relates to what the artists bring, so it’s not a set program in which we always do the same thing.”


Pilotenkueche at its best: floating rooms, slasher films

“It [PILOTENKUECHE] is an immersive experience where they get to live their art 24/7, a luxury that most artists don’t have on a steady basis. “


Clementine Butler-Gallie at Pilotenkueche – From Elsewhere to Leipzig

“The experience of curating the residency provides the challenge of connecting people and practices that are so diverse. Pilotenkueche offers a great opportunity for cultural and group exchange” – Clementine Butler-Gallie, Curator of round 39

Auf den Spuren der Wahrnehmung – „SPOOR“: Ausstellung der Pilotenkueche in Leipzig

A german review of the final exhibition of 37th round, SPOOR  

Leipziger Volkszeitung

Local newspaper writes an article about our former director Martin Holz. 

The Visual Artists’ News Sheet 

David Dunne of the 29th round shares his experience throughout the residency program to the summer edition of the Irish magazine. 

Finding Refuge: David Dunne discusses PILOTENKUECHE