PKRD 51 special program – support for artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia

Due to the sudden escalation of the war, many have had to flee from Ukraine, Belarus and, of course, Russia. PILOTENKUECHE wants to support artists and other creatives in need, even though there is not much we can do as an independent Artist-run residency. What we can offer is a beautiful peaceful place to work, and the option of exhibiting in real life and online through our social media channels.

Between April and June 2022, PK is providing five studio spaces free of charge to refugee artists from Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia. Unfortunately, we can’t include accommodation with us but have a network of people to ask. We also can’t offer daycare for kids but are happy to support with any information we get.

As part of a bigger network of cultural workers and creatives from Leipzig, we hope can make the most out of the current circumstances. PILOTENKUECHE strongly believes in international exchange, in learning from and inspiring each other.

application form

Please don’t fill out this form if you are not a refugee from these countries, you might take a place of someone in need.

PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program is part of LISTOK.