PLAY DEEP PLAY: contextual experiment

True artists don’t break, we bend. Used to a daily barrage of challenges, we are tuned to using them as a way of seeing. Not knowing if people would be allowed to visit our exhibition due to contact restrictions, Round 47 threw out the venue and replaced it with  a pandemic proof one. PLAY DEEP PLAY is “hung” at/on Instagram. See? Even the preposition is unprecedented! This platform allowed us to play with formats we might not normally use. It also means the show will stay up indefinitely. Immortality? 

Starting this Thursday, we are doing something special for the followers. Each artist has a story take-over day to give you an insider view of the artists. On the last day, there will be a discussion with the curator Joanna Glinkowska and PK Executive Director Julianne Csapo.  Scroll to the end to find the PLAY DEEP PLAY Story Take-over schedule. We hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, the stories will be saved in highlights. Want to see our work and us in person? PKRD 47 final show. Language Gaps, will open at Galerie KUB on 17 June.

We want to say a huge thank you to Lucas, Julianne and Joanna who built and designed the space. It was a lot of work on a learning curve and they smashed it!


@play_dee_play screen shots

Deep play, as XVIIIth century philosopher Jeremy Bentham defined it, is a game with stakes so high that it is not rational to engage in it. In the late 1950s anthropologist Clifford Geertz spend a year in a Balinese village observing cockfights, that – due to a high amounts of money and risking social status of people involved – can be considered an example of a deep play. While describing the activity and explaining why it prevails in an essay ‘Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight’ Geertz used the method of thick description. It is a kind of description that looks beyond function, taking into consideration not only behaviours, but also their context. As opposing to structuralism, in his interpretative anthropology studies Geertz did not aim to create universal theories, but rather grasp the insider sense of one’s actions.

inside the artist

In the exhibition we try to look at the process of art creation as a deep play – irrelevant to the day and age dominated by the principles of capitalism and efficiency. Is there still a place for spontaneous creativity? What other values can making art provide? Looking at the context, rather than valuing act of making art according to capital accumulation principles, we allow a new perspective, in which individual artistic practice and fun derived from playing with artistic tools are enough a reason for engaging in a deep play of art creation.”

curator Joanna Glinkowska


Viktoria Sophie Conzelmann (DE)
maeshelle west-davies (US/UK/DE)
Julianne Csapo (RO/DE)
Noah Maxeimer (DE)
Medina Zabo (IT)

Joanna Glinkowska (PL)

Lucas Stafford (IE)

PLAY DEEP PLAY Story Take-over 

3-8 June 2021

Thur: Viktoria
Fri: Noah
Sat: Medina
Sun: Julianne
Mon: maeshelle
Tue: Joanna and Julianne curatorial discussion

Language Gaps
Galerie KUB

vernissage Thur 17 June