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Train Inspectors Every Day

This group of artistic works has the potential ability to displace the observer from reality and immerse him in a process of interrogation, action or analogous experience, an action that is experienced when boarding a train. In such a context, it is impossible to know whether the inspectors will check our tickets. Therefore, it is sensible to purchase a ticket under all circumstances, even when there does not appear to be direct supervision. In a metaphorical sense, when boarding the train, we begin a journey to a panopticon where we do not know when we are being watched.

gallery and laboratory

The PILOTENKUECHE space at Franz Flemming Strasse is not only the exhibition venue, but also the workplace where the artworks were born. It is both a gallery and a laboratory, as well as a space for critique that destabilizes the moorings of social control and visibility.


The exhibition synthesizes, subtracts and minimizes the different and infinite forms of expression of each of the artists through various pictorial series, installations and video art. A dialogue between the various aesthetic proposals explores themes and concepts of human experience, such as subjectivity, everyday life, the city as a living environment, communication through both verbal and non-verbal languages, individual and collective memory, the geographical and emotional voids that we experience in our lives, utopia as a constant aspiration and the evolution of society and culture

Some of the artists query the nature of gaze in an everyday life that has become mundane. Some challenge the cultural hegemony from the marginalized experience. Others invite participation as a way of reflexivity and, by turning the audience into the voyeur, explore the tension between subjectivity and objectivity. The potential of these works in engendering social normality lies in their ability to decenter the viewing subject and raise ambiguity by resisting the ubiquitous and various forms of interpellation.

answering fundamental questions


The exhibition addresses fundamental questions of the human experience within contemporary society. At the same time, in this aesthetic approach, it challenges viewers to abandon their everyday reality and immerse themselves in an experience that evokes the uncertainties and deep reflections that accompany the act of boarding a train, where surveillance and self-regulation are intertwined in a metaphorical context similar to Foucault’s concept of panopticism.

curators Jialu Wang  and  Alfredo Huerta Hurtado  

Train Inspectors Every Day

Vernissage 16 Sept 7-10 PM
Open Sun 17 – Wed 20 Sept 4-8 PM

Franz-Flemming-Str 9
04179 Leipzig

ROUND 56 // July – Sept 2023

International residents:
Felix von Dallwitz (AU)
Lina Buck (AU)
Garth William Howells (AU)
Adrienne M Finnerty (IE)
Hee Je Cho (KR)
Ralph Skunkie Davis (US)
Yingtong Zhou (CN)
Seirin Hyung (KR)
Hyeji Lee (KR)
Eugenia Soma (AR)
Jacquie Meng (AU)

Local participant:
Pia von Reis

Alfredo Huerta Hurtado (MX)
Jialu Wang (CN)

International interns:
Michael Arrondeau (FR)
Anton Driesen (BE)
Elizaveta Bazhkova (BY)
Polina Rybaltchenko (IE)