Re-View: Open Studio // 03-04.11.17

During last weekends Open Studio event, we were pleased to introduce the current round of pilots to an inquisitive public. Mid-way through the residency program, the 33rd round hasn’t stopped surprising us with their curious and playful approaches. 



Our artists also explained their processes and cogitations during the first series of “Work in Dialogue” talks.  We had the chance to discuss the interrelation of themes and disciplines with the audience. Thank you to all who attended this series and expressed interest in our endeavors. We hope to see and meet you during our final exhibition, “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?”




International residents
Ali Glover (Sculpture, Installation; London, UK)
Guillaume Côté Roux (Sculpture, Photography; Québec, Canada)
Guy Eytan (Performance, Video, Sculpture; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Hwi Hahm (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting; New York, USA, Korea)
Jiangliu Dong (Sound, Video, Installation; Jinan, China)
Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Morgan Buck (Mixed Media, Painting, Photography; Portland, USA)
Olivia Malena Vidal (Photography, Painting; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Paula Fraile (Painting, Printmaking, Video; Guadalajara, Spain)
Peter Cvik (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Romain Tallet (Conceptual, Installation, Performance, Sound, Video; Koekelberg, Belgium, France)
Zishi Han (Installation, Video, Digital; London, UK, China)

Local Participants
Martin Schuster (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Sébastien Kauffmann (Photography, Installation; Colmar, France; Leipzig, Germany)