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Artist Spotlight: Silvina Rodriguez

In this weekly series, we present positions currently working in our studio. Today, we introduce you to Silvina Rodriguez who does painting and textile art.

Just over two weeks into Pilotenkueche’s 35th round, and already Silvina Rodriguez is hard at work. Incorporating materials such as posters, advertisements, and pieces of trash found around the city, Silvina is creating a portrait of Leipzig, its flora and fauna. Her urban “flora and fauna” series explores cities from the ground up, piecing together what gives a city its unique character by examining the creatures who inhabit it and the objects they leave behind. Leipzig is the second city in her series, after Curibita in Brazil. We spoke to Silvina about her recent foray into the world of ceramics, and the challenges that come along with a medium which requires so much patience. Parallel to her flora and fauna series, Silvina is also considering the female cycle through the lense of both societal and personal anxiety around menstruation.

All photos by Pilotenkueche

Silvia Rodriguez