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Artist Talks: “Space Chorus” // 30.08.18

Here are a few impressions of this weeks artist talks at the Alte Handelsschule exhibition Space Chorus with the latest residents from the UK, Israel, Japan, China, Australia, Argentina and the US. We gained an insight on the current approaches at our studios, highlighting diverse methods of negotiation between space, object, and interpretation. This round has an interest in reinterpreting tradition, pinching social norms, and using interdisciplinary methods in ways that are both playful and sincere. 

All photos by Pilotenkueche

For those who were unable to attend, feel free to join us at the Finissage on August 31st at 19:00h! 

We are excited to show you what we have been working on this round, and hope to see you there!


International residents
Ando Saori (Performance, Choreography, Video, Photography; Osaka, Japan / Bielefeld,
Arabella Hilfiker (Painting, Printmaking, Book Art; Cambridge, UK)
Chelsea Markuson (Installation, Drawing, Performance; East Lansing, Michigan, USA)
Curtis Welteroth (Installation, Painting; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Jing Tan (Sculpture, Performance; China/London, UK)
Lily Cummins (Drawing, Installation; Darlinghurst, Australia)
Maya Perry (Drawing, Animation, Sound; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Nathan Jay Brooker (Painting; Perth, Australia)
Simona Reisch (Photography ; Vienna, Austria)
Zoe Trilnick Farji (Collage, Mixed Media, Poetry ; Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Local Participants
Beate Körner (Performance, Conceptual; Leipzig, Germany)
Undine Bandelin (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)

Vanessa Souli (Writer, Artist Manager; Berlin, Germany / Greece)

Alex Davidson (Social Media, PR, Promotion; Edinburgh, UK)
Brodie Weir (Art Management, Art History; Orwell, UK)