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Re-View: “Corporal Temperature” // 09.21.18

Thank you to all the attendees, artists, and friends who made our opening such a success. 

‘Corporal’; an ironic approach to the title, a word obviously  playing between ‘corporeal’ and ‘corporal’ is there to refer both to the ‘warmth’ of the artworks and yet to the ‘structure’ which the space impels on them. Meanwhile, the word ‘temperature’ calls for our attention to the number 36 – naturally the rough temperature of the human body, but also the literal number of the round of international residents. 36 degrees, which keep us alive, and allow us to function as biological entities, combine here with the ‘cold’ concrete and brought surroundings to provide an allegory for the body itself.”

curator Vanessa Souli

Here are some impressions of Corporal Temperature, the final show of the 36th round.

all photos by Pilotenkueche Art Program