Re-View: Artists Talks // 19.10.17 / 33rd Round

Here are a few impressions of last weeks introductory in-house artist talks with the newest residents from the UK, Canada, Israel, Korea, China, Slovakia, the US, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. We gained an insight on the current approaches at our studios, highlighting diverse methods of negotiation between space, object, and interpretation. Be it in the junk yards of London, the perfect grid of Chicago’s streets, or from within the fading memory of artifact and attire, this round has an interest in reinterpreting tradition, pinching social norms, and using interdisciplinary methods in ways that are both playful and sincere. We are excited to witness the discourse and development of this group!



International residents
Ali Glover (Sculpture, Installation; London, UK)
Guillaume Côté Roux (Sculpture, Photography; Québec, Canada)
Guy Eytan (Performance, Video, Sculpture; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Hwi Hahm (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting; New York, USA, Korea)
Jiangliu Dong (Sound, Video, Installation; Jinan, China)
Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Morgan Buck (Mixed Media, Painting, Photography; Portland, USA)
Olivia Malena Vidal (Photography, Painting; Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Paula Fraile (Painting, Printmaking, Video; Guadalajara, Spain)
Peter Cvik (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Romain Tallet (Conceptual, Installation, Performance, Sound, Video; Koekelberg, Belgium, France)
Zishi Han (Installation, Video, Digital; London, UK, China)

Local Participants
Martin Schuster (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Sébastien Kauffmann (Photography, Installation; Colmar, France; Leipzig, Germany)

Willy Le Nalbaut (Painting, Video, installation; Brussels, Belgium, France)

Clara Sjölin (London, UK)
Renin Zeynep Simsek (Halle, Germany)