Re-view: ‘UNS GEFÄLLT ALLES’ / 12.08.17

Here are some impressions of the preview show of recent residents from Austria, the UK, South Africa, South Korea, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Scotland, and Argentina, after having spent two months working at the residency. This round of artists has a particular interest in painting, ceramics, installation, found objects and social media, with thematic interests ranging from the narrative of digitized memory, sexual  identity & identity politics, to the autonomy and objecthood of a painting.  

We would like to thank Galerie Bipolar for hosting the exhibition, WISP Kollectiv for their performance, and all the attendees who came to the opening event. 


All photos by PK

For those of you who could not attend, there will be a closing event.

Preview Exhibition: “uns gefällt alles
26.08.17, 18:00h
Location: Galerie Bipolar, Haferkornstr. 15, D-04129 Leipzig

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International residents
Benjamin Nachtigall (Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Vienna, Austria)
Bianca Turner (Multimedia, Installation, Action, Performance; Sao Paulo, Brasil)
Corinna D’Schoto (Installation, Painting; Glasgow, Scotland)
Dew Kim (Conceptual, Digital, Installation, Video; London, UK)
Elize Vossgatter (Painting; Cape Town, South Afrika)
George de Moura (Animation, Video; East Hampton, USA)
Hai-Hsin Huang (Painting, Drawing; New York, USA)
Heet Lee (Painting; Philadelphia, USA)
Hean Kim (Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Melissa Casella (Installation, Sculpture; Mar del Plata, Argentinia)
Sharon Norwood (Painting, Drawing, Ceramic; Florida, USA)
Sheena Scott (Film, Video; Bridlington, UK)
Tidal Grace (Painting, Mixed Media; Vancouver, Canada)
Yiyang Cao (Installation, Digital, Film, Sound, Video; New York, USA)

Guest Artists
WISP (Technology Art; Leipzig, Germany)

Galerie Bipolar