In progress: Rutschbahn

With much excitement we are happy to announce we are almost ready for tomorrow’s vernissage of Rutschbahn. It’s been a busy week for sure, but preparation has been going on for much longer. I guess you could say that we’ve been preparing all our lives. 

Yes, anyone can learn skills, but few can allow themselves to be open to suggestion and create something from that. It is this gift that the artists of the 37th round have been using to get ready for Rutschbahn (German for playground slide). It is this childlike innocence that they’ve been able to tap into in order to climb the ladder and slide into the unknown.

photos by Pilotenkueche International Art Program

Challenged by the curator to interact and engage with  the unique space that Krudebude is, the works are often playful. Alongside that lightness comes precarity. Some in reaction to life experiences and others in response to the fine balance between stability and ruin that the space finds itself in. 

As Nicholas Adamson, one of the artists, so elegantly put it, 

The title ‘Rutschbahn’ invites one to ‘play’, or to return to an innocent state of mind. As artists, we engage in this uninhibited state when we create work. But at the end of the day, we ultimately must return to the so-called ‘real world’. This body of work navigates around these opposing visions to occupy the space in between work and dream, object and figment, and reality and fantasy. 

Rutschbahn // PK @ Krudebude

Vernissage Fri 16 Nov 2018 7PM
Performance Fri 16 Nov 2018 8PM
IT CONCERNS YOU by Reinhold Ponesch and Tamaki Kawaguchi

Open Sat 17 Nov – Wed 21 Nov 5PM – 8PM
Finissage Thur 22 Nov 2018 7PM

International Artists
Ai Ikeda (Montreal, Canada)
Barry Amey (Cornwall, UK)
Buket Savci (NYC, USA)
David Benarroch (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Jan Yongdeok Lim (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Mihyun Maria Kim (Edmonton, Canada)
Nicholas Adamson (Winnipeg, Canada)
Reinhold Ponesch (Vienna, Austria)
Tamaki Kawaguchi (Osaka, Japan)

Local Artist
Julia Eichler (Halle, Germany)

Viviane Tabach (São Paulo, Brazil)

Elias Emtanes (Leipzig, Germany)
Ines Alberty (London, UK)

Graphic Design
Elias Emtanes

PK coordinator
maeshelle west-davies