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Visiting: East and Central Leipzig // 26.10.17

Last week, we were led through a history and art related tour in the east of Leipzig. At our first stop at  “Pögehaus e.V.” Jan Keilhauer gave us an introduction to the aims of collective community endeavors in the east, in times of rapid gentrification. During our walking tour we stopped to speak at the old site of PILOTENKUECHE, as well as at an underground gallery Bistro 21. Our east-side tour ended with an evening visit to an opening at the MdbK.  



Pögehaus e.V
Bistro 21
Museum der Bildenden Künste / Leipzig

Collaboration: Hai-Hsin Huang at the MdbK // 26.10.17

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of our former resident from the 32nd round at the Mdbk: Hai-Hsin Huang. PILOTENKUECHE regularly visits Leipig’s Museum of Fine Arts with it’s residents. We look forward to working with the Museum in the coming years and thank its director Alfred Weidinger for being a friend of PILOTENKUECHE.



Museum der Bildenden Künste / Leipzig
Hai-Hsin Huang (Painting, Drawing; New York, USA)

Visiting: Hannes Uhlenhaut & Galerie Bipolar

Last week, PILOTENKUECHE toured the east side of Leipzig. Hannes Uhlenhaut, co-founder of Studio Paunsdorf, welcomed us at his ceramic & mixed media collective atelier. We were introduced to his process and discussed possible subversion-tactics in contemporary sculpture, and the possibility of 3D ceramic printing, as well as tradition and frailty, practical complexities, and the challenges of the kiln. We continued to Galerie Bipolar with gallerist Kay Brudy, to discuss our upcoming preview exhibition on 12.08.2017. To finish the day, we spent a lovely evening at Salon Similde. Thank you Hannes and Kay for having us.


All Photos by PK

Hannes Uhlenhaut
Galerie Bipolar
Salon Similde

Artist Talks II & Museum Tour

Last week, we made use of the open-museum day to investigate Leipzig’s Museum der bildenden Künste & GfZK. Finishing our day at the bau bau cafe, we discussed the differences between the way these institutions present work and involve audiences. How does the Museum blueprint enhance or limit spectatorship, and how do other institutions respond? We then continued our in-house Artist Talks, and were joined by our guest artist Matthias Garff.  Here are our plans for our upcoming exhibitions! 




Visiting: Spinnerei Galleries & Nicolás Dupont

Last week we introduced our artist to the “Spinnerei” complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Nicolás Dupont about his practice and current projects. We also met his studio-mates who were kind enough to give us impromptu talks about their work. Thank you Nicolás for receiving us at your atelier! 


Gallerie Kleindienst
Nicolás Dupont

This was the 31st Round

Last week we said goodbye to our most recent residents. We’d like to commend this round of artists for making our first term in the new studios an exceptional learning experience; We will not forget your openness and your efforts! In addition we would like to thank our  friends, attendees and our supporters during these months of transition, as well as the broader Leutzsch community for participating in our Tour de Franz open studio event. We hope to foster a continued exchange between our international residents and the local artists.  

Here is a selection of impressions from the 31st round, including museum tours, gallery visits, artist talks, and our preview and final events:

All photos by PK & Sergey Sivushkin

Anita Goes (Photography, Video; Brazil)
Carole Lallemand (Painting, Video; Belgium)
Despina Charitonidi (Sculpture, Performance, Installation; Greece)
Dani Minuskin (Painting, Sculpture, Installation; Toronto, Canada)
Eric Andersson (Visual Art, Architecture; Sweden)
Ho Man Law (Video, Conceptual; Hong Kong)
Ian Cumberland (Painting; Northern Ireland)
Josef Ka (Installation, Performance, Video; Moscow, Russia)
Persia Phillips
(Painting; San Francisco, USA)
Peter Vance (Conceptual, Process-based media, Drawing, Installation; London, UK)
Ryan Hatfield (Installation, Painting; USA)
Sun Chang (Installation, Performance, Sound;London, UK)
Yerin Kim (Scultpure, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Activism; South Korea)
Zeke Kan (Conceptual, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Toronto, Canada, Malaysia)

Guest Artists
Hannes Uhlenhaut (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Marie Lynn Ravens (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
hansen_windisch (Music; Leipzig, Germany)

Visiting: GfZK / G2

This week we visited GfZK and the G2 Kunsthalle in Leipzig. We had an interesting time viewing the “Spaces of Art” exhibit and “The Present Order” collection, followed by our regular visit to G2’s new acquisitions.


PILOTENKUECHE is regularly visiting artists, galleries and museums with its residents to introduce them into the local art scene and to create an exchange between our international guests and those based in Leipzig.


G2 Kunsthalle

Visiting: Museum der Bildenden Künste

This week we visited the fine art museum in Leipzig, and had the chance to view the permanent collections as well as the newer Klinger and Lüpertz pieces, among others. Invigorated by a lively afternoon, we finished the day by brainstorming about our upcoming shows.



Visiting: Spinnerei & Silke Silkeborg

Last week we introduced the Pilots to the Spinnerei complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Silke Silkeborg about her painting practice and current project. Thank you Silke for receiving us at your atelier!


Visiting: Leipzig’s museums

This week we visited the “Museum of fine arts” and the “G2 Kunsthalle” in Leipzig. We had a interesting and inspiring afternoon, which ended in a bar called “pilot”. PILOTENKUECHE is regularly visiting artists, galleries and museums with its residents to introduce them into the local art scene and – moreover – to create an exchange between our international guests and the protagonists, which are based in Leipzig.