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Final Exhibition // ‘Full Stop’ 31st round / 20 – 27.05.17

The final show of the recent residents from Brazil, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Sweden, Northern Ireland, USA, UK, Russia, Malaysia, China, and South Korea will present the culminating work after three months of PILOTENKUECHE!

This group is particularly special to us as the first group of artists that has vitalized the new site of Pilotenkueche. Their work offers a very special focus on painting, research based work, installation and photography, presenting a diversity of expression around the topics of identity, data aggregation, & nature with a myriad of technical & activistic approaches. During the finale there will be three performances, live music, and a chance to discuss the final work with our international residents. In addition we are pleased to include three guest artists from Leipzig: Hannes Uhlenhaut, Marie Lynn Ravens, and hansen_windisch. With an ethos of inclusion, we present a range of narratives to explore the dialogue of the broader context in contemporary art. The show will take place at the new space of PILOTENKUECHE, where all are welcome to attend the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the project.


Location: PILOTENKUCHE, Franz-Flemming-Str. 9, D-04179 Leipzig, Germany
Opening: 20.05.17, open from 15:00h, Opening 18:00h
Open on: 21.05 – 26.05.17; Mo, Tue, Thur, Fri 2 – 6pm
Finissage: 27.05.17, 18:00h


18:00h Opening
18:30h Performance by Despina Charitonidi
19:15h Performance by Josef Ka
20:00h Performance by Marie Lynn Ravens
21:00h hansen_windisch (Le) Live Concert
23:00h Music n’ talk

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Anita Goes (Photography, Video; Brazil)
Carole Lallemand (Painting, Video; Belgium)
Despina Charitonidi (Sculpture, Performance, Installation; Greece)
Dani Minuskin (Painting, Sculpture, Installation; Toronto, Canada)
Eric Andersson (Visual Art, Architecture; Sweden)
Ho Man Law (Video, Conceptual; Hong Kong)
Ian Cumberland (Painting; Northern Ireland)
Josef Ka (Installation, Performance, Video; Moscow, Russia)
Persia Phillips
(Painting; San Francisco, USA)
Peter Vance (Conceptual, Process-based media, Drawing, Installation; London, UK)
Ryan Hatfield (Installation, Painting; USA)
Sun Chang (Installation, Performance, Sound;London, UK)
Yerin Kim (Scultpure, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Activism; South Korea)
Zeke Kan (Conceptual, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Toronto, Canada, Malaysia)
Guest Artists
Hannes Uhlenhaut (Sculpture; Leipzig, Germany)
Marie Lynn Ravens (Sculpture, Performance; Leipzig, Germany)
hansen_windisch (Music; Leipzig, Germany)

Impressions of the preview exhibitions

 All photos are by PILOTENKUECHE

Impressions of the 31st round

 All photos are by PILOTENKUECHE

Concurrently with the final exhibition of the 31st round of artists in PILOTENKUECHE, the studios of Franz-Flemming 15 and 23 open their doors on May 20th, from 11 till 22:00. These include Ellen Steger, Lena T. Flohrschütz, Lucino Veo, Natalia Kalicki, Simon Metzger, Daniela Witt, Wolfgang Tietze and Martin Schuster. Their practices range from painting, drawing and graphics to quilt making, “romantic advertism” and video. In addition, Galerie FF15 celebrates the finnissage of Nicole Kegel & Fabian Lehnert with music, drinks, and an outdoor fire, beginning at 20:00h.

Location: Franz-Flemming-Str. 9, 15, 23, D-04179 Leipzig, Germany
Open: 20.05.17, 11:00h – 22:00

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Franz-Flemming-Str. 23
Katharina Baumgärtner / Theo Huber

Franz-Flemming-Str. 15
Martin Schuster
Natalia Kalicki
Wolfgang Tietze
Clemens Fellmann
Evgenij Gottfried
Daniela Witt
Lucino Veo
Lena T. Flohrschütz
Ellen Steger
Galerie ff15

Program (Galerie ff15)
20:00h Finissage no5
21-22:00h Cocktailbar / Happy Hour
22:00h Turntables d;nine (finest clap music)

We hope to see you during the opening for talks and enjoying art!