Work in Progress // 34th round

After two months of the program, our residents are preparing with our final exhibit in mind. They are in the phase of completing their individual projects, manifesting collaborations , and discussing exhibition possibilities. We hope to see you during the final exhibit of the 34th round, “Flugbahn.” 


All Photos by Pilotenkueche

FLUGBAHN” / international group exhibition

Opening: 24.03.18, 18:00h
Open: 26.03 – 28.03.18 (Mo, Tue, Thu, Fri 12 – 15h)
Location: PILOTENKUECHE, 2nd Floor, Franz-Flemmingstr. 9, D-04179 Leipzig

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18:00h  Opening
18:30h  18:30h  Sound Performance by Sébastien Branche
19:00h  “Rituals”, Performance by Anja Heymann
19:30h  “MindDrawPlay”, Performance by Georgy Zarubin
20:10h “Tape Performance”, Sound Performance by Christoph Liedtke & Mark Hornbogen
20:30h “Die letzten ihrer Art”, Pt 1, Reading by Axel Kores
20:45h “Lyrik”, Reading by Christoph Liedtke
21:00h “Drum Performance”, Sound Performance by Christoph Liedke & Mark Hornbogen
21:30h “Die letzten ihrer Art”, Pt 2, Reading by Axel Kores
21:45h “The Real Douche”, Music by Mark Hornbogen
22:15h “Rest”, Performance by Clara Sjölin
22:35h “( ゜- ゜)つ ”, Performance by Jing Yu
23:30h “Klinke”, Concert (Experimental-Garage-Beat)
00:30h DISCO TOTALIS & Dj La Dingue b2b Karen Schneider (Hits & Sick Stuff)


International residents
Alexander Hulphers (Painting; Oroville, USA)
Alma Vissher (Installation, Textile; Edmonton, Canada)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hannah Naify (Painting; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Ilil Kenaan (Performance, Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Jing Yu (Sound Installation, Performance; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lucas Rechione (Painting, Sculpture, Video; New York, USA)
Maria Barros (Sculpture; Santiago, Chile)
Mirel Torun (Photography, Drawing; Izmir, Turkey)
Rory Harron (Sculpture, Installation; Redcastle, Donegal, Ireland)
Stephanie Morisette (Installation, Video; Québec, Canada)
Viktor Witkowski (Painting, Video; Norwich, USA)

Local Participants
Anja Heymann (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
René Schäffer (Photography; Halle, Germany)

Maria Aria (Curator; Rome, Italy)

Sébastian Branche (Sound Performance, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
Georgy Zarubin (Sound Performance; Leipzig, Germany, Russia)
Christoph Liedtke (Literature, Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Mark Hornbogen (Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Axel Kores (Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Clara Sjölin (Performance; London, UK)
Klinke (Music; Halle, Germany)
DISCO TOTALIS (DJ; Leipzig, Germany)
DJ La Dingue (DJ; Paris, France)
Karen Schneider (DJ; Leipzig, Germany)

Kay Lotte Pommer (Leipzig, Germany)