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Re-View: FLUGBAHN // 24-28.03.2018

Here are some impressions of the final show of recent residents of the 34th round. We thank all the attendees, guest artists, and friends. See you next time!


All photos by PILOTENKUECHE 


All photos by PILOTENKUECHE 

International residents
Alexander Hulphers (Painting; Oroville, USA)
Alma Vissher (Installation, Textile; Edmonton, Canada)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hannah Naify (Painting; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Ilil Kenaan (Performance, Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Jing Yu (Sound Installation, Performance; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lucas Rechione (Painting, Sculpture, Video; New York, USA)
Maria Barros (Sculpture; Santiago, Chile)
Mirel Torun (Photography, Drawing; Izmir, Turkey)
Rory Harron (Sculpture, Installation; Redcastle, Donegal, Ireland)
Stephanie Morisette (Installation, Video; Québec, Canada)
Viktor Witkowski (Painting, Video; Norwich, USA)

Local Participants
Anja Heymann (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
René Schäffer (Photography; Halle, Germany)

Maria Aria (Curator; Rome, Italy)


Sébastian Branche (Sound Performance, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)
Georgy Zarubin (Sound Performance; Leipzig, Germany, Russia)
Christoph Liedtke (Literature, Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Mark Hornbogen (Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Axel Kores (Sound Performance; Halle, Germany)
Clara Sjölin (Performance; London, UK)
Klinke (Music; Halle, Germany)
DISCO TOTALIS (DJ; Leipzig, Germany)
DJ La Dingue (DJ; Paris, France)
Karen Schneider (DJ; Leipzig, Germany)

Kay Lotte Pommer (Leipzig, Germany)