Work in Progress / 29th round

Working together since two months in the studio the current residents from USA, Brasil, Sweden, South Corea, Canada & Italy are in a intense process. This round of artists offers a very special focus on a side specific and contextual spectrum ranges within drawing and painting, as well as in photography, installation and video art. Here are some impressions:


All photos are taken by Ilaria Goglia

Fernando Davis (Painting; Brasil)
Gabriel Secchin (Painting; Brasil)
Katarina Henriksson (Mixed Media, Installation, Painting; Farsta, Sweden)
Mazen Khaddaj (Painting; Beirut, Lebanon)
Milena Roglic (Painting; Toronto, Canada)
Nina Perlman (Photography, Printmaking, Artist Books; New York, USA)
Sally Lia Vigano (Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture; Italy)
So Jin Lim (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)
Wednesday Kim (Installation, Mixed Media; New York, USA)