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Re-view: ‘GOODBYE HORSES’ / 14.01.17

Here are some impressions of the final show of the recent residents from USA, Germany, Chile, France, Canada, Poland, UK, Ireland & the Netherlands with the results after they worked 3 months in the residency. After several preview shows the exhibition gave a selection of the previous works as well as new ones of this productive group of artists. They offered a very special focus on abstract painting, performance, drawing and science art. The works are presenting a diversity of expression around the topics of identity, technic & nature with performative & activism approaches. Each position lighted from its own perpective onto contentual interfaces to light them out from diverse points of view. This was the last show, which will take place on the current space. During the show the group of artists went in the costumes of the performance “popessy” (idea and costumes by Jacqueline Van De Geer) to put a spot onto the exhibition and a sign for the future of the project.

Impressions of the exhibition

All photos by PK

Further Impressions

Christian Brown (Mixed Media, Printmaking; USA)
David Dunne (Installation, Mixed Media; Ireland)
Demetra Kallitsi (Conceptual, Performance, Video; Cyprus)
Elysia Byrd (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture; UK)
Jacqueline van de Geer (Performance; Netherlands, Canada)
Jamison Edgar (Painting, Mixed Media; USA)
Natalia Kalicki (Painting; Poland, Canada)
Nicolás Olivares (Painting; Chile, France)

Sanne Maloe Slecht (Mixed Media, Painting, Netherlands)

Rebekka Kraft (Mixed Media; Germany)