Re-view: THE RETURN // 10.01.15 / 24th round

Some impressions of the exhibition ‘THE RETURN OF THE PILOTENKUECHE’ (10.01.2015) during the famous Spinnereirundgang Winter 2015 with works of the 24th round (October 2014  – January 2015). Diverse positions are linked and mixed by common topics, a similar focus or any connection to light up intersection in between different disciplines and artists. We thank Jenn Garland for taking most the photos and all pilots for working together. The exhibition was lined up with a programme during the day with performances, lectures and readings.

Impressions of the exhibition

Further preview and in-build impressions

Further impressions of the installation ‘TERMINATERROR’
By Martin Holz & Norihiro Usui

The artwork consisted of different and diverse positions which were compared to one body. The press critiqued the exhibition as wild, convincing and a pendant to the “LADEN FUER NICHTS” exhibition.


by Norihiro Usui

The promotion team
Our Pomotion Team, led by Martin Holz and Simon Adam Peter decided to wreak havoc during Winterrundgang 2015. Armed with nothing else than a ghettoblaster and leather pants, they danced their way into the Spinnerei´s galleries .

Impressions of the program


Alexander Jensen (Mixed Media; Scotland)
A. S. Luisenbach (Painter; Leipzig, Germany)
Case Randall (Mixed Media, Painter; London, UK)
Javier Ramirex (Painter; Spain)
Kenneth Stitt (Mixed Media & Performer; UK)
Kim Ki Duk (Painter; China)
Lewis Henderson (Painter; UK)
Lily Koto Olive (Painter, Mixed Media, Film Arts; New York City, USA)
Samuel Hailey-Watts (Mixed Media; Scotland)
Susanna Inglada (Mixed Media, Painter & Drawer; Spain)
Theodora Kokhodze (Painter; Georgia)

Norihiro Usui (Painter; Leipzig, Germany, London, UK & Japan)
Hannah Felsen (Photographer; Berlin, Germany)
Ines Lucines (Painter; Leipzig, Germany)
HYSTERESIS (Artist & Performance group; UK) and on facebook
Simon Adam Peter (Painter & Performer; Leipzig, Germany)

Michael Spyra (Author, Leipzig)
Thomas Böhme (Author, Leipzig), on Poetenladen, on Galrev and on Literaturport
Tim Holland (Author, Leipzig)
Ulrike Felbig (Author, Leipzig)
Le Grande Nada (Noise / Independent; Leipzig & Halle, Germany)
The Splendid Ghetto Pipers (Electronic & Drones; Greifswald, Germany)

Huey Walker (Electronic & Drones; Greifswald, Germany)
DISCO TOTALIS (Leipzig, Germany)
DJ Johann (Leipzig, Germany)