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Dinner / 30th round

Last week we welcomed our new residents with a dinner made by all artists and the team. It was a nice afternoon, which gave us  the opportunity to know more the new artist a bit better and just – to talk and to have a good time together. The food was wonderful! Thanks to all!


Christian Brown (Mixed Media, Printmaking; USA)
David Dunne (Installation, Mixed Media; Ireland)
Demetra Kallitsi (Conceptual, Performance, Video; Cyprus)
Elysia Byrd (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture; UK)
Jacqueline van de Geer (Performance; Netherlands, Canada)
Jamison Edgar (Painting, Mixed Media; USA)
Natalia Kalicki (Painting; Poland, Canada)
Nicolás Olivares (Painting; Chile, France)

Rebekka Kraft (Mixed Media; Germany)
Ryu Oyama (Mixed Media, Science Art, Japan)
Sanne Maloe Slecht (Mixed Media, Painting, Netherlands)
Sofia Rossi Bunge (Mixed Media, Painting; Argentinia, Switzerland)