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Re-View: Consultations // 30.05.18

The consultation between a curator and an artist is a crucial moment for the exhibition. The direct contact between the participants guides the overall direction of the curation, and encourages creativity, a process that transforms the initial and individual ideas. In this pairing, we develop a different concept about an exhibition, one that is greater than the ideas of one mind. The consultation period also allows the artist to reevaluate their work and to compare their ideas with an outsider, which ultimately helps define their position in the exhibition. It is likewise essential for the curator to understand the individual pieces that are a part of the exhibition as a whole. We are looking forward to a night of performances and collaboration, and would again like to invite you to Bauchgefühl, the final exhibition of the 35th round at our studios!

Opening: 08.06.18, 18:00h

Open: 09.03.18,         14 – 20h
            11.– 13.03.18, 10 – 16h

All photos by Pilotenkueche.

International residents
Alejandro Londono (Painting, Mixed Media; Bogotá, Colombia)
Anna Ill & Steph Huang (Installation, Sculpture, Video, Photography; London, UK)
Benjamin Leal & Henry Bell (Sound, Performance; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Eva Macali (Mixed Media, Poetry; Roma, Italy)
Fatima Nadeem (Printmaking, Painting; Lahore, Pakistan)
Ivan Attila Cremer (Sculpture, Photography; Amsterdam, Netherlands / Los Angeles, California, USA)
Jackson Akitt (Photography; Brighton, UK)
John Berry (Painting; Bloomington, USA)
Leonardo Ciocchini (Painting, Mixed Media; Buenos Aires, Argentinia)
Maryam Abedi (Painting; Teheran, Iran)
Silvina Rodriquez (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation; Montevideo, Uruguay)
Tegwen Evans (Photography, Multimedia, Installation; Berlin, Germany)

Local Participants
Marlet Heckhoff (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Claudia Vonderlind (Video, Performance, Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)

Philipp Anders (Curator; Leipzig, Germany)

Kyla Pinkard (German & English Literature; Leipzig, Germany)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)