Re-View: “The Pool” // 18.05.18

Here are some impressions of our final preview show of the 35th round. Thank you to all the attendees, artists, and friends, as well as organizer Barbara Röhner for this exhibition at Alte Handelsschule, which presented a range of our Pilots’ work after two months in the program. For those who were unable to attend, feel free to come by during opening hours or join us at the Finissage on May 25th at 19:00h! Here you find an article about the show.


All photos by Pilotenkueche

The Pool” / international group exhibition
Opening:  18.05.18, 19:00h
Open:   19-24.05.18, Tue, Wed, Thu, 13-16h
Finissage: 25.05.18, 19h
Location: Alte Handelsschule, Gießerstraße 75, 04229 Leipzig, Germany

International residents
Alejandro Londono (Painting, Mixed Media; Bogotá, Colombia)
Anna Ill & Steph Huang (Installation, Sculpture, Video, Photography; London, UK)
Benjamin Leal & Henry Bell (Sound, Performance; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Eva Macali (Mixed Media, Poetry; Roma, Italy)
Fatima Nadeem (Printmaking, Painting; Lahore, Pakistan)
Ivan Cremer (Sculpture, Photography; Amsterdam, Netherlands / Los Angeles, California, USA)
Jackson Akitt (Photography; Brighton, UK)
John Berry (Painting; Bloomington, USA)
Leonardo Ciocchini (Painting, Mixed Media; Buenos Aires, Argentinia)
Maryam Abedi (Painting; Teheran, Iran)
Silvina Rodriguez (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation; Montevideo, Uruguay)
Tegwen Evans (Photography, Multimedia, Installation; Berlin, Germany)

Local Participants
Marlet Heckhoff (Painting; Leipzig, Germany)
Claudia Vonderlind (Video, Performance, Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)

Philipp Anders (Curator; Leipzig, Germany)

Kyla Pinkard (German & English Literature; Leipzig, Germany)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)

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