Re-View: “Kaleidoscope GmbH” / 08-11.02.18

Last week, some of our pilots had a joint exhibition at an experimental art space in Lindenau. We had a wonderful time in the collaboratively curated room, in which there was a nail-painting intervention, oil paintings, paper works, as well as an ominous fabric sculpture.

We would like to thank the organizer, curator and artist Marcel Noack of Ping-Pong for his collaborative spirit! Please join us for our next show, DURCHDASHAUS, on February 22nd!



International residents
Alma Vissher (Installation, Textile; Edmonton, Canada)
Jing Yu (Sound Installation, Performance; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Maria Barros (Sculpture; Santiago, Chile)
Stephanie Morissette (Installation, Video; Québec, Canada)
René Schäffer (Photography; Halle, Germany)
Elsa Henderson (Painting; Los Angeles, California, USA)
Lucas Recchione (Painting, Sculpture, Video; New York, USA)

Marcel Noack (Visual Artist, Photographer; Leipzig, Germany)
Ping Pong