Re-View: INTERVIEW // 09.04.16 / 28th round

Some impressions of the exhibition ‘INTERVIEW’ (09.04.2016) with current works of the 28th round (February – May 2016) & the artist talk afternoon ‘TALK TALK TALK’. During every round we are organizing these events for giving the opportunity to the artist and the visitors of the project ‘PILOTENKUECHE’ to get in touch with each other, to exchange and to cross ideas or – moreover – to find a way for collaboration.

Impressions ‘INTERVIEW’

Impressions ‘TALK TALK TALK’

Andrew Dick (PILOTS STIPEND 2016, Painting; Canada)
Emma Webster (Painting; USA & UK)

Lorenzo Aceto (Painting; Italy)
Seamus Killick (Painting; Wales, UK)
Štěpán Beránek (Sculpture; Czech)
Tadasuke Jinno (Mixed Media; USA)
Romain Pottier (Photography, Installation; Lille, France)
Yael Ben Simon (Mixed Media, Painting; Israel)

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1 The official flyer of ‘INTERVIEW