Re-view: ‘Augment’ // Preview Show of the 31st Round

After the wonderful opening of the “COMMA,” show at Galerie Bipolar our artists from Belgium, Greece, Canada, UK & Malaysia presented at the “Salon Similde / Kulturny Dom Lipsk” (on facebook) a collaborative room & sound installation. The exhibition gave an impression on a diversity, which was displayed in one project the artist created together. This shows an important aspect of the project “PILOTENKUECHE” in its group dynamical focus to do something as a group and to learn from each other.

Date: 30.03.17, 20:00h
Location: Salon Similde, Simildenstr. 9, 04129 Leipzig

Salon Similde / Kulturny Dom Lipsk” (on facebook) is a underground space in Leipzig and explores with its exhibition, lectures and performces a diversity of the local and international art scene.

All photos by Carsten Busse

Carole Lallemand (Painting, Video; Belgium)
Despina Charitonidi (Sculpture, Performance, Installation; Greece)
Dani Minuskin (Painting, Sculpture, Installation; Toronto, Canada)
Peter Vance (Conceptual, Process-based media, Drawing, Installation; London, UK)
Ryan Hatfield (Installation, Painting; USA)
Zeke Kan (Conceptual, Installation, Painting, Sculpture; Toronto, Canada, Malaysia)

“Walls blanketed in holes and cracks lay bare the pasts that precede us. We seek to consider these small histories and to converse with them, highlighting their presence.

„Und doch sind sie, diese lange Vergangenen, in uns, als Anlage, als Last auf unserem Schicksal, als Blut, das rauscht, und als Gebärde, die aufsteigt aus den Tiefen der Zeit. – Rilke

The exhibition of the preview shows of the 31st round is happening soon:

“Salon des Individualités” / exhibition

Opening: 20.04.17, 20:00h
Location: Salon Similde, Simildenstr. 9, 04129 Leipzig

Anita Goes (Photography, Video; Brazil)
Eric Andersson (Visual Art, Architecture; Sweden)
Persia Phillips (Painting; San Francisco, USA)
Sun Chang (Installation, Performance, Sound;London, UK)
Yerin Kim (Scultpure, Performance, Mixed Media, Drawing, Activism; South Korea)