PILOTS at Salon Similde // 08.09.16

Here are some impressions of the guest exhibition ‘Störung: Fleecy Clouds on the Floor‘ of three of our artists from Brazil, Italy & South Korea at ‘Salon Similde‘ (on facebook). We thank the organizers Alexander Pehlemann, Jens Pfuhler, Carsten Busseguests, our pilots Fernando Davis, So Jin Lim, Sally Lia Vigano & all guests. We hope to see you during our final exhibition ‘Jungle Gym of Mind‘ (on facebook) on 17 & 18th September.

Special Thanks to Milena Roglic for initiating!

Fernando Davis (Painting; Brasil)
Sally Lia Vigano (Installation, Printmaking, Sculpture; Italy)
So Jin Lim (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media; Seoul, South Korea)

Impressions of the exhibition

All photos by Salon Similde