PILOTS at Salon Similde // 02.11.17

Last week, we initiated our program with a pop-up show in the south side of Leipzig. Here are some impressions of ‘Salon Similde Therapeutics,’ a spatial transformation by our pilots Ali Glover, Hwi Hahm,Lenka LukacovicovaMorgan BuckRomain Tallet, and Zishi HanWe thank the organizers Alexander Pehlemann, Jens Pfuhler, Carsten Busseguests, as well as our guests! We hope to see you at our next Salon Similde show, “ENJOY YOURSELF” as well as at our final exhibit, “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?



Ali Glover (Sculpture, Installation; London, UK)
Hwi Hahm (Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting; New York, USA, Korea)
Lenka Lukacovicova (Photography, Performance, Installation; Bratislava, Slovakia)
Morgan Buck (Mixed Media, Painting, Photography; Portland, USA)
Romain Tallet (Conceptual, Installation, Performance, Sound, Video; Koekelberg, Belgium, France)
Zishi Han (Installation, Video, Digital; London, UK, China)

Salon Similde