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Artist Spotlight: Ilana Pichon

Ilana Pichon is a restless energy. She connects the tissue of her surroundings, producing an in situ network of reference points. Ilana’s work is based on the observation and dissection of space. Her practice explores notions of provenance, structural elements, material and emotional baggage, as well as graphic and physical rhythms.

Her practices vary seasonally between silkscreen printing and large-scale murals. “I think it’s very interesting because it’s very related to my country’s weather.” The Quebec based artist links her dynamic work with the body scale. Through constant readjustment and new perspectives, she “zooms in and zooms out” out of her comfort zone in order to connect with people, space and life.

“It’s a language that defines space,” explains Ilana Pichon.

She proposes, through simple shapes, a conscious view of her surroundings. Patterns, forms, colours and the textures of space are her words and she builds a vibrant dictionary. Wanting to depict the magic of the environment, Ilana reflects her interaction and dynamic in order to build an intersection with the viewer’s curiosity.

Leipzig is an immersive and exciting challenge for this Swiss-born artist.  “I need more time thinking that way,” claims the artist after participating in Ibug 2018 (Street Art Festival). PILOTENKUECHE made her wish to enter into a European residency come true. Interested in the occasional misunderstanding and surprises, Ilana moves through Leipzig in a way that resembles her instinctively vibrant work.

The city’s rhythm is very important to Ilana

“The rhythm of the city is very important to me. It’s like I’m feeling it inside of me and translating the dynamic of it.” Ilana is deeply aware of her constant need for a change of scenery. Her energetic pace aims to discover what lies between the instinctive and the controlled process. In an exciting dialogue, the artist presents her creative cycle: imagination sets-up process, and process then stimulates imagination.

“This is the way I hold and activate the city.” Her current work explores the relation between the scale of her own body and cosmopolitan immersion. Her current studio is habited by two distinct presences. On the one hand a colourful path of left-hand experiences and on the other, black and white analytical studies of shapes. Presenting us for the first time fascinating sculptures, Ilana’s presence in Almost Tension, is an unforgettable proclamation of her vibrant curiosity.

Written by Natacha Martins

See more work from Ilana Pichon on her Instagram and come see her instalation at the upcoming shows.

Almost Tension

Sat 29 Feb 2019

sound performance by Tomas Nuñez
duration performance by Sarah Bild

Geisserstr 75
04229 Leipzig

Sun 1 Mar, Thur 5 – Sat 7 Mar 

Hard Fluid Betrayal

Sat 21 Mar 2019


Sun 22 Mar – Tue 24 Mar

Franz-Flemming-Str 904179 Leipzig