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Visiting: West Side / Andrea Garcia and Martin Schuster // 30.11.17

Last week we visited two studios in the West side of Leipzig. We began with the former pilot Andrea Garcia Vasquez (Mixed Media; USA). She uses textiles as a mimetic device, and as a basis for psycho-geographic experiments. We spoke of her process, her recent visit and exhibition in Beirut, the ways she adapts her work to an immediate context, of art as a way to aggregate and relay data, and of other artists that inspire her work.

We continued to the painting atelier of Martin Schuster, one of our Guest Artists this round, at FF15. We had the chance to look at Martin’s portfolio, ranging from parodic Bruegel inspired landscapes that incorporate the characters of more than 80 video games, to a series of cloud paintings and vivid landscapes, to his most recent experiment involving the male figure in contemporary portraiture.

Thank you Andrea and Martin for your time!



Andrea Garcia
Martin Schuster