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Visiting: Lucino Veo & Natalia Kalicki

Last Thursday we visited the neighboring studios of Franz-Flemming Str. 15, to visit the ateliers of Lucino Veo and our own Natalia Kalicki. The two previously studied at Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada, and after adventures in Finland and Italy, are currently Leipzig based.


Veo has cultivated a fascination for old master painting techniques. His intensive process reflects a careful investigation of bygone methodologies, and the relation of that methodology to sometimes whimsical, often fantastical, yet distinctly lucid themes. Kalicki, while also focused on oil painting, approaches the material with Dionysian zeal, and is absorbed by concepts of obsession, consummation and self-consumption, electing a jolly grotesqueness to best epitomize the human kingdom. 

PILOTENKUECHE is regularly visiting artists, galleries and museums with its residents to introduce them to the local art scene and – moreover – to create an exchange between our international guests and the practitioners based in Leipzig.