The project provides a range of programs. Our is aim to connect & engage different disciplines. Each category of our art program coalesces during a 3 month period, during which we realize two curated exhibitions.

Below are links to our online application forms. They are fast and easy. Please make sure you have the necessary PDFs ready to attach. Please note we are an International residency with English as the common language. Forms, including PDFs should be in English.

The programs we offer are:

International Residence Program

Plans for residency 500 words or less PDF
please name file:
last name, first name PLANS 
CV/Portfolio max 10 images PDF
please name file:
last name, first name CV/PORT

IRP online application form

Local Participants Program

CV/Portfolio max 10 images PDF
please name file:
last name, first name CV/PORT

LPP online application form

International Internship Program

Letter of motivation PDF
please name file:
last name, first name LOM
please name file:
last name, first name CV

IIP online application form

Emerging Curator Program

Sample teaser text (100-300 words) PDF
please name file:
last name, first name TEASER 
Sample curatorial text (300-500 words) PDF
please name file:
last name, first name CTEXT
CV/Portfolio max 10 images PDF
please name file:
last name, first name CV/PORT

ECP online application form

We offer the following residency periods per year:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December


26 thoughts on “////APPLICATION\\\\\

  1. Cindy Zhu

    Hi! I was wondering if it is too late now to apply for a 2019 residency. I saw that the deadline for Round April – June 2019 was indicated 30.06.19 and wonder if that was a mistake. Thank you!


  2. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Samiran,

    unfortunately we do not accomodate short term residencies.



    I am a painter /mixed media experimental artist from Nigeria and interested in your residency program in 2019.
    Which to know if one can take a one month program in your residency.
    Yusuf Seidu Okus.

  4. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Cyril,

    yes, we accept applications from all over the world.

    Martin Holz

  5. Cyril NDEGEYA


    I would like to know if you accept all nationalities, I also don’t see the application form on this website, in fact how to I go for start the application. Thanks

  6. Thomas Schleider

    Dear Pilotenkueche,

    Wow, looks like a great program, very exciting to see the artist run program like this!
    I am wondering if two collaborating artists can apply as one for the residency?

    Looking forward to connecting.

  7. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Jesicca,

    thank you very much for your comment on our website. Please check out the provided information on our website (Program & Application). If after that things are still unclear please write us a mail and we will answer promptly. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  8. Jesicca Kuok

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    I’m Jesicca, and I’m a Visual Artist, just graduated in college, from Malaysia. And now I’m doing residency program in National Art Gallery until end of December. I was hoping that after that I could join another residency program overseas, get to gain more exposure about art with various people.
    I found out this program through the website ResArtis. So I was thinking if I’m able to join? And what are the criteria to be part of this? Hope to hear from soon!

  9. Martina Marie Manalo


    I am very interested in being part of the artist residency, however where do I send in my application form?
    Thank you!

    All the best,

  10. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Paul,

    internal does not exist, you mean internship (= volonteering, working with the team as a trainee). Artist in residence should be clear.


  11. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Taylor,

    thanks for letting us know, but we didn’t receive your application. Please send it again, per mail.

    PILOTENKUECHE | Martin Holz

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  13. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear jack,

    thanks for that comment. Any attachements, which don’t fit in our recent upload limits simply send to info@pilotenkueche.net. You also can send the whole application per mail, but please attach our application form. This is important for us – because easier.

    All the best,

  14. Jack Miller

    Dear Pilotenkuechers!

    I am wondering how strict the 3mb size limit is for portfolio PDFs. I am trying to remove parts of my portfolio to make my PDF smaller, but it is breaking my heart… Could I use the 3mb of “additional stuff” to show more portfolio work? If so, would you prefer one 6mb PDF or two 3mb PDFs?

    -Jack Miller

  15. PILOTENKUECHE Post author

    Dear Mohammed,

    thanks for your comment. I received your messages as well!

    Warmest Regards,

  16. Mary Campbell

    Hi! My name is Mary, I live in Oakland, California, in the US. I am wondering whether it affects my chances of getting into the program if I apply for a stipend. Also, how soon after I apply will I hear back? Thanks very much!

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