Welcome round 38

We are extremely excited to introduce round 38. With very talented artists from all over the world, this round is ready to inspire you to ask questions. Of course one question that continues to be asked is, “What is art?” This varied group will challenge your perceptions through painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, installation, photography, video, interactive works and performance. The next three months are going to be enlightening.

Photos by Pilotenkueche International Art Program

International residents

A L Kleiner 
(Painting, Installation; Sydney, Australia)

Amanda Struver 
(Interdisciplinary:Syracuse, NY, United States)

Ana Castillo 
(Illustration, Painting, Animation: Paris, France)

Atsuko Mochida
(Installation, Site-specific Installation, Public Art : Tokyo, Japan) 

Ece Canguden
(Painting, Sculpture: Istanbul, Turkey)

Eliana Jacobs
(Etching, Objects, Collage, Conceptual: Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Isabelle Kuzio
(Video, sculpture, painting, installation: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Jose Sarmiento
(Painting, Drawing, Etching: Bucaramanga, Columbia)

Charles Park
(Photography: New York, NY, US)

Marloes Staal
(Sculpture, Photography, Drawing: Enschede, Netherlands)

Ludmila Hrachovinova 
(Painting: Bratislava, Slovakia / Stockholm, Sweden)

Roman Bicek
(Painting, Collage: Bratislava, Slovakia)

Tomas Orrego Gianella
(Video, Installation, Collage: Lima, Peru)

Valentine Emilia Bossert
(Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video, Installation: Geneva, Switzerland)

Local Participants

Henrike Pilz 
(Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)

Paul Altmann 
(Conceptual Art, Photography, Video, Installation: Leipzig, Germany)


Tena Bakšaj
(Zabreb, Croatia)


Ciara Brown
(Fine Art, Multi-media: Burnley, UK)

Samra Šabanović
(Photography, Visual Culture:Helsinki, Finland / Sarajevo, B&H)

Maria Valcarcel Maceira
(Art History: A Estrada, Spain)

Mihyun Maria Kim
(Painting, Drawing; Toronto, Canada)

PK Artistic Director and Coordinator

maeshelle west-davies
(Performance, Time-based media, Installation: US/UK/DE