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In progress: SPOOR

It’s hard to believe, but we are currently getting ready for the final exhibition of the 37th round, SPOOR. The Dutch word “spoor” can be translated as track, trace, railway, trail, spur, mark, shadow, footprint, imprint, etc. 14 artists were chosen by open call to come to Pilotenkueche. They were chosen, not as a group, but on their individual works. 

Pilotenkueche became the hub that was their intersection. Many used the time here to experiment and try new things. Often these experiments were a result of what other artists were doing around them. They were also in reaction to their common environment: Leipzig.

photos by Pilotenkueche International Art Program

How have the artists translated their perceptions of their experience here into pieces that the public can see? Will it be clearly visible to the viewer? Will you be amused, enraged, empowered, curious, saddened, pleased, transported? We hope you will be moved.

We are proud to announce that your experiencing of the artworks will be enhanced at the vernissage by musicians Izabela Kałduńska (violin) and  Elif Murat (piano) who will be playing original compositions singularly and electronic dance music as a duo.


Fri 14 Dec 2018 7PM
Performance by Izabela Kałduńska begins 7.30PM
Performance by Elif Murat begins 8.15PM
Performance by duo begins 9PM

Sat 15 Dec – Wed 19 Dec 5PM – 8PM

International Artists
Ai Ikeda (Montreal, Canada)
Barry Amey (Cornwall, UK)
Buket Savci (NYC, USA)
David Benarroch (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Robert Finn Curry (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
Jan Yongdeok Lim (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Luca Arboccò (Turin, Italy)
Mihyun Maria Kim (Edmonton, Canada)
Nicholas Adamson (Winnipeg, Canada)
Reinhold Ponesch (Vienna, Austria)
Tamaki Kawaguchi (Osaka, Japan)
Yuuki Horiuchi (Tokyo, Japan)

Local Artists
Georg Lisek (Leipzig, Germany)
Julia Eichler (Halle, Germany)

Viviane Tabach (São Paulo, Brazil)

Elias Emtanes (Leipzig, Germany)
Ines Alberty (London, UK)