Introducing the New Space

We are thrilled to present the new and improved space of the project PILOTENKUECHE. It hosts around 11 artists in the 465m² big studio which is based at Franz-Flemming-Str. 9, a new uprising area. The remodeling process is finished. We thank all helpers, workers and sponsors.

But what is new?

  • 36m² big working areas
  • fully new equipped with a nice table, chair, lamp and working desks
  • new studio design
  • moveable walls to change the space and to create up to around 150m² big spaces
  • newly designed windows made by Raumbetrieb
  • a better electrical & changed light system
  • fast internet connection & wifi
  • ground heating
  • new, oil-covered concrete ground
  • shower in a closed area
  • new office area
  • and and and