building up the new space

A few weeks before we announced that the project PILOTENKUECHE will move into a new space. And we will! From 01.02.17 the project will host around 10 artists in a 465m² big studio which is based at Franz-Flemming-Str. 9, a new uprising area. The plans are done and we already started to build up the new space. In difference to the old one the project will be improved in several points. Here’s an impression during our daily building practice, which also shows the results after one week:

But what will be new?

  • 36m² big working areas, fully new equipped with a nice table, chair, lamp and working desks
  • new studio design
  • moveable walls to change the space and to create up to around 150m² big spaces
  • newly designed windows made by Raumbetrieb
  • a better electrical & changed light system
  • fast internet connection & wifi
  • ground heating
  • new, oil-covered concrete ground
  • shower in a closed area
  • new common space
  • new office area
  • and and and

Here are more impressions of the workout:

We are working with a nice team, which consists of Christian Prinsler, Lukas Baumann, Zsofia Gabor and her boyfriend Daniel, not to forget the helpers Natalia Kalicki, David Dunne & Bouzid Announ. We are doing hard to get all things done. And it works! We wish to thank all helpers, workers & companies who’re creating this space! You are great!