Artist Spotlight: Philipp Orlowski

Philipp Orlowski creates enigmas with contrast. The Leipzig-based artist, addresses art in introspective and vibrant pictures. Through painting, he’s interested in the concept of identity, considering time and space. In a unique oneiric ambivalence, his artwork proposes the viewer to step in an undecipherable world.

His world is unconditionally tight with paint. “There have been times that I couldn’t paint for various reasons, but I know that I need the physical act of painting.” He holds a Bachelor of Painting from the HGB Leipzig (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst). Constantly drawing, his taste for art developed in his early teens. He was admired by his friends and colleagues for his comics, posters and sketches with punk themes.

Philipp uses the “Old-Masters technique”

Philipp’s work presents the viewer with vivid chromatic choices. He uses the “Old-Masters technique” of starting with acrylic, working the light and shadows, then finishing with the fine settling of oil.  He is able to integrate the consciousness, the energy and the movement that is present throughout the painting. His narratives recognize the pursuit of the Surrealism (Magritte). Looking for dissonance, Phillip uses visual metaphors to construct a contrast.

“I like challenges, to not fall into a routine in my artwork.”

Additionally, Philipp is exploring different ways of seeing himself through the international scope of PILOTENKUECHE. He describes his interest in the art residency as a rich experience with fresh input to his routine. He’s deeply interested in the dialogue between artists, assistants and curators, but also the collective discourse of the group to the audience. Quoting the artist himself, the final result of the upcoming group exhibition, Almost Tension, is definitely a “bigger and exciting” challenge.

Visitors to his studio enters in an eternal research for identity.

Philipp asks deep and labyrinthine questions. The current work analyses and critiques the position of the individual as a painter. Thus, with illusion and one dimensionality, the viewer is invited to a riddle. From his mind, through his hands, pigments and brushes, Philipp’s work, will definitely dare the onlooker to day dream.

Written by Natacha Martins

See more work from Philipp Orlowski on his website and come see his paintings at the upcoming shows.

Almost Tension

Sat 29 Feb 2019

sound performance by Tomas Nuñez
duration performance by Sarah Bild

Geisserstr 75
04229 Leipzig

Sun 1 Mar, Thur 5 – Sat 7 Mar 

Hard Fluid Betrayal

Sat 21 Mar 2019


Sun 22 Mar – Tue 24 Mar

Franz-Flemming-Str 904179 Leipzig