Artist Spotlight: Sarah Bild

Sarah Bild is driven by impulse. Her improvised and performative work allows her to re-appropriate her own body, defying conventions of the dance world. Despite boasting an impressive dance career, Sarah now wishes to blur the boundaries between dance, art and theatre. All types of movement, by definition, can and should be dance.

The notion of the Body-Mind is vital in her practice. Sarah believes that the body and mind are not two separate entities, but rather one force. Her work is a mixture of her whole being and her life experiences up to this point. Her history, emotional baggage, spiritual-self and her physical place all feed her mind, her body and her work.

Leipzig offers a very specific sense-of-place for Sarah. The city her father had to flee during WW2, Sarah is very aware of the pull that Leipzig has for her. Although her father’s story brought her here, it is the experience of being here and the effect it has on her body that are the key focus. For her upcoming work at the Alte Handelsschule Sarah wants to experiment with the concepts of imprisonment and escape. She is inspired by the past but her own body and experience of self in the present will drive her performances.

Sarah “offers herself up as an everyperson”

Highlighting the importance of sharing time and space with her audiences, Sarah lays focus on the movement of her body and not her facial expressions or her specific identity. This allows her presence in the space to be interpreted in many ways. The intimate act of sharing breath with those who watch her perform, feeds her impulses and movements.

A further relationship is present in Sarah’s work. Not only is there exchange with the audience, she is often accompanied by found objects. Utilising metal for her time at the PILOTENKUECHE residency, she is aware how these objects actively present themselves, guide her, produce obstacles and engage with her. The weight of the metal, its weathered appearance and the rusty colour aid the exploration of her own body.

Sarah’s upcoming performance in Almost Tension will add new dimensions to the exhibition. As she moves in and around the space and amongst her fellow artists’ work, the exhibition space alters. Whoever is present for Sarah’s impulsive performances will enter into an exchange of breath, time and space.

Written by Rosie Shackleton

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Almost Tension

Sat 29 Feb 2019

sound performance by Tomas Nuñez
duration performance by Sarah Bild

Geisserstr 75
04229 Leipzig

Sun 1 Mar, Thur 5 – Sat 7 Mar 

Hard Fluid Betrayal

Sat 21 Mar 2019


Sun 22 Mar – Tue 24 Mar

Franz-Flemming-Str 904179 Leipzig