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Visiting: intershop interdisciplinaire, Helge Hommes and Saxana N. Schötschel // 26.04.18

Last week we visited two spaces, intershop interdisciplinaire in the Spinnerei and the studio of Saxana N. Schötschel and Helge Hommes. At textile artist Louise Walleneit’s  intershop interdisciplinaire, we saw the work of Anita Kriebel and Carsten Busse, and had the chance to discuss the exhibition with Carsten himself. The exhibition consists of conceptual multimedia installations which combine various techniques and forms of expression. We spoke to Carsten about his constructivist influences, references to Beuys, and desire to let his art speak for itself rather than explaining it. Thank you Carsten for having us!

Next we visited the studio of Helge Hommes and Saxana N. Schötschel, where we learned about not only the paintings and installation pieces, but also the political and personal motivations behind each artist’s work. We discussed the ways that Helge and Saxana’s work has evolved since meeting each other, and the pressure that comes along with the “trap” of recognition. Thank you for your time Helge and Saxana, and for giving us a copy of Helge’s manifesto!


All photos by Pilotenkueche


Intershop Interdisciplinaire
Anita Kriebel // Carsten Busse
Saxana N. Schötschel 
Helge Hommes


Visiting: Laura Eckert // 08.03.18

Last week, PILOTENKUECHE visited the Spinnerei in Leipzig. Laura Eckert welcomed us at her studio, where we had the chance to take a closer look at her sculptures. We discussed her method of using recyclable material, the intersection of medium and message, her aesthetic choices, and discussed her position as an artist. Thank you Laura for having us.


All Photos by Pilotenkueche

Laura Eckert 

Visiting : Robin Zöffzig and Nicolás Dupont // 22.11.17

Last week, we visited the Spinnerei in Leipzig.  We began our tour at the atelier of Robin Zöffzig, our guest artist of the 32nd round, who told us of his his current projects. Stopping at Josef Filipp Galerie, we saw the work of Rosi Steinbach and Verena Landau. We finished the day by visiting Nicolás Dupont, where we discussed his most recent work and were shown his ongoing painting projects and sculptural collaborations. Thank you for your time Robin and Nicolás!



Robin Zöffzig
Nicolás Dupont
Josef Filipp Galerie

Visiting: Spinnerei Galleries & Nicolás Dupont

Last week we introduced our artist to the “Spinnerei” complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Nicolás Dupont about his practice and current projects. We also met his studio-mates who were kind enough to give us impromptu talks about their work. Thank you Nicolás for receiving us at your atelier! 


Gallerie Kleindienst
Nicolás Dupont

Visiting: Spinnerei & Silke Silkeborg

Last week we introduced the Pilots to the Spinnerei complex and its contemporary galleries, including Gallerie Kleindienst, EIGEN + Art, and REITER. We also had a chance to speak to the artist Silke Silkeborg about her painting practice and current project. Thank you Silke for receiving us at your atelier!