Preview: Wrestling with Impermanence

Spring has turned into Summer, memories have been carved into the spirit of the season, and an abundance of creativity has blossomed along with the trees. The artists of PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program Round 39 are wrestling with the states of the permanent and the fleeting as they come to the end of their residency. As nature endures the cycle of time, the artists prepare to present their fruit, and as nature’s seeds disperse in the wind, so the artists get ready to grow elsewhere. In celebration of the time passed, we invite you to the PK space to join us for the final exhibition ‘Wrestling with Impermanence’.

In a further response to the notion of impermanence, the exhibition expands its presentation to the outside space for one night only. A conversation unveils between the interior and exterior space. In a series of performances by PILOTENKUECHE residents and guest artists we invite you to create your own memories. After an evening of seeing through the eyes of the artists, will your recollection match theirs or will your life experiences alter your perception?

“Do we ever want reality or just a version of it that confirms our pre-held convictions?”
Round 39 curator Clementine Butler-Gallie

all photos by PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program

Round 39 residents Cristina Prudente and Daniel Long give us a physical representation of their work. Cristina live streams her performance into a space filled with objects from a nearby abandoned building. Her movements tell a story of love and loss, death and rebirth. Using projection mapping, Daniel allows us to become part of the piece by immersing us in the process.

Guest sound artists, Sébastien Branche and Vivian Le Vavasseur address the concept of impermanence by removing some of our senses. This allows us to heighten our awareness of others. In a tapestry of familiar and unfamiliar sounds that create a soundscape, Vivian uses a past career as a church organist to prompt listeners to question the roles of the composer, performer and audience.

Sébastien Branch notes, “Sounds commit suicide as they are played: as soon as they are born, they bear within them the inevitability of their own death. In that sense, music is possibly the art of impermanence, all the more for music that does not rely on melodic repetition, ritornellos or simple rhythmic patterns which help fix it in the memory.”

Jules Von Daniken will take us to the end the night in a full body experience with his original EDM. Wrestling with Impermanence will only happen in this constellation for one night. We are eager to share this memory making experience with you.

Wrestling with Impermance

Vernissage Fri 21 June 7PM
7.00PM-7.30PM Cristina Prudente
7.45PM-8.15PM Vivian Le Vavasseur
8.30PM-9.00PM Cristina Prudente
9.00PM-9.30PM Sébastien Branche
9.45PM-10.15PM Daniel Long
10.15PM-11.30PM Phase O’Matic

Open Sat 22 June-Wed 26 June 1PM-5PM


International residents

Anabel Najera-Lopez (US)
Coffee Kang (CH/US
Cristina Prudente (IT/UK)
Daniel Long (KH)
projection mapping
Eliana Jacobs (CA)
Izdehar Afyouni (PL)
Jana Moser (AU)
Kate Jones (US)
Karine Fréchette (CA)
Louis Bouvier (CA)
Dominga Vergara (CL)
Marijn Roos Lindgreen (NL)
Sabrina Jolicoeur (CA)

Local Participants
Elisabeth Kraus (DE)
Jos Diegel (DE)

Clementine Butler-Galle (UK)

Adrian Klaus Rotzscher (US)
book binding and creation
Ellisha Walkden-Williams (UK)
art history
Kristina Nizamova (CZ)
cultural event managment