Re-View: “Durchdashaus” // 22-25.02.18

Last week, some of our pilots had a joint exhibition at an experimental art space in Lindenau. We had a wonderful time in the collaboratively curated room, featuring paintings, text based work, photography and sculpture. 

We would like to thank the organizer, curator and artist Marcel Noack of Ping-Pong for his collaborative spirit!


All Photos by Pilotenkueche

“DURCHDASHAUS” / international group exhibition

Opening: 22.02.18 19:00h
Open: 23-25.02.18 15:00 – 20:00h
Location: PING PONG Helmholtzstraße 1, D-04177 Leipzig, Germany

Alexander Hulphers (Painting; Oroville, USA)
Hannah Naify (Painting; Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Ilil Kenaan (Performance, Theatre; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Mirel Torun (Photography, Drawing; Izmir, Turkey)
Rory Harron (Sculpture, Installation; Redcastle, Donegal, Ireland)
Viktor Witkowski (Painting, Video; Norwich, USA)
Anja Heymann (Mixed Media; Leipzig, Germany)

Marcel Noack (Visual Artist, Photographer; Leipzig, Germany)
Ping Pong

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