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Artist Spotlight: Vernon O´Meally

The New York based artist Vernon O’Meally has always tried to express himself through art in an abstract way. At the tender young age of 7, Vernon started trying to represent his universe through the medium of paint, . At first, his works were photorealistic, then abstract. Now, they oscillate between figurative and organic forms. However, his abstract visual representations will not remain his only philosopher’s stone until he crosses the road of rock music. 

Psychedelic art, the turning point for Vernon. 

“I started to get into psychedelic rock-n-roll…, I have been inspired by the journey to that music

Music has a great impact on the development of Vernon’s practice, and is an integral part of his artistic journey. He expresses himself through the combination of music and painting. Since he became interested in psychedelic rock music, his practice has largely been shaped by it. He feels that only music can truly make you feel like you are on a voyage. Vernon is fascinated by psychedelia in general, and in particular the artistic and philosophical ideas that are associated with it. Throughout his psychedelic journey, he has been curating albums of Rock‘n’Roll music of the 60’s and 70’s, which he listens to whilst creating new work.

Working with different representational means throughout his time at PILOTENKUECHE, Vernon has been exploring unlimited possibilities from hallucinatory illusion-making to comic representation in his studio practice. Currently, he primarily layers graphic elements and mixes them with figurative images taken from popular culture. There is a recurrence of rainbows, cartoons, geometric shapes and the metamorphoses of forms. Characteristic for his practice is the constant impulse to experiment and to reinvent.

The impressive torrent of visual effects of Vernon’s studio paintings shows his rich artistic vision.

Impactful, loud colour combinations and bold lines create a feeling of immediate accessibility. They let the audience dive into the artist’s artistic universe, and create a spectrum of sensations that can be felt in the presence of his paintings. Back in New York, Vernon has worked on several commissions: he has been creating designs for cars, walls, buildings and also private spaces. 

Now, Vernon is at a turning point in his career. He is more and more interested in studying cartoon characters. Recently, he integrated the ghost character “Minnie the Moocher” into one of his paintings. Vernon describes his experience here as rewarding and equally profound.

Vernon is a fabulous painter, he constantly creates visual images that invite us to push our thinking beyond our limits. In his studio, he has developed inspiring and pervasive images.

written by Stanley Louis


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