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Pia von Reis: Intuition, Motherhood and the Future

Pia von Reis‘ creative journey knows no fixed starting point or ending. Her art flourishes boundlessly, constantly changing, much like her own personal growth. She intentionally avoids restricting her work to political confines, preferring to focus on its personal radiance. Nonetheless, an innate connection between the personal and the political emerges. Her art’s intimacy naturally carries wider societal meanings. Being a woman, her creative expression becomes a source of empowerment, weaving her unique identity into the broader story of femininity.

Born in Munich and later relocating to Weimar to enroll at Bauhaus University, Pia pursued free arts, a program distinguished by its practical approach and encouragement of individual expression across various mediums. This academic journey, brimming with experimentation and liberty, nurtured her artistic evolution, drawing from a diverse array of teachers and influences that continue to resonate in her work. Rather than confining herself to a singular artistic medium, she engages in a dialogue with her creations, allowing them to dictate their own form and essence.

From Maternal Pause to Creative Revival

Her intimate university environment, with its close-knit community and attentive professors, resembled a family that provided invaluable guidance. Initially hesitant to adopt a professional artist’s path, she sought an unrestrained artistic expression, yet the constraints of a conventional job threatened to eclipse her artistic passion. The revelation that art was her true calling led her to fully embrace her artistic journey.

A hiatus enforced by motherhood temporarily separated Pia from the art scene. However, her participation as a local resident at PILOTENKUECHE has marked a pivotal reentry point. Although navigating motherhood alongside her burgeoning artistic career presents challenges, she’s learning to harmonize the two aspects, buoyed by her time management skills and ability to prioritize. Working from her countryside studio, she carves out dedicated days to be with her art, demonstrating a resilient commitment to both her creative endeavors and her child.

Pia Unveils the dimensions

In her creative journey, Pia embarked on a process that began with her deep engagement in drawing. However, she consistently encountered a yearning for an additional dimension within her drawings, a realm she found difficult to attain. As an instinctual response, she transitioned her focus towards objects. The fusion of objects and processes allowed her to experiment in a new dimension. Her artistic approach is profoundly intuitive, a dynamic interplay of simultaneous endeavors that occasionally trick her into thinking that nothing is transpiring because of so many things not being finished yet..

   images by PILOTENKUECHE  or supplied by the artist

Yet, the fragments coalesce seamlessly, a testament to her innate ability to listen to the whispers of her materials and the artistic process. This enigmatic progression constantly catches her by surprise, an ongoing revelation of her capabilities. Her assortment of objects carries an intimate significance, with relics from her past nestled alongside the more recent pieces. Personal and evocative, a timeworn futon metamorphoses into circular embodiments, encapsulating a journey from utility to artistry. 

The wellspring of her inspiration emanates from the surrounding environment, where urban landscapes spawn divergent creations compared to the tranquil countryside’s offerings. The city pulsates with human narratives, entwined with their actions, while the countryside emanates the raw influence of nature’s hand. The artistic kinship she shares with Joan Jonas is a beacon of influence. Jonas is renowned for using diverse artistic mediums to explore humanity’s communion with nature. A fusion of technical finesse and organic sensibilities profoundly shapes her artistry, uniting their perspectives in a harmonious resonance.

Artistic Dreams, Psychological Pursuits, and Collaborative Pathways

Her future horizon gleams with promise. Discussions with a local gallery hint at collaborative prospects, allowing her to immerse herself in her craft. She’s captivated by the interplay between human behavior and artistic expression, she’s decided to study psychology. Seeking a role harmonizing passion and stability for her family, she holds on to her artistic integrity, shunning the confines of commissioned work. 

A forthcoming collaborative exhibition in January, featuring a kindred spirit, Juliana Mariana, holds promise. Together, they’ve embarked on a transformative journey, swapping materials and jointly creating art. That which transcends dimensions, imbuing freshness and innovation into their shared artistic tapestry.

written by Polina Rybaltchenko

Follow Pia on her instagram and her website.

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