GRATEFUL PARK: PK RD40 final show

How do we navigate and develop our own ecologies of care? We are currently faced with economic models that devalue and obstruct care; producing subjectivities that drive the current climate crisis and the on-going disruption/destruction of ecosystems, displacing both humans and other-than humans. With blatant disregard for the embodied knowledge these ecosystems cultivate and nourish.

This final exhibition of the 40th round of PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program residents aims to be a space to rethink forms of operating in the individual and collective spheres. Grateful Park reflects the outcome of some of these processes, articulating how we find ourselves embedded in an environment.

Through a cultural and affective exchange that creates systems to nurture, support one another and grow, the studios at PILOTENKUECHE build a shared ecology. This ecology lives in-between, influenced by the social and environmental, therefore catalysing possibilities to recalibrate our idea of individual and collective care practices.

Support structures can reflect how care labour is undervalued
under capitalism
. As artists, we might bring visibility to invisible acts of care and also how we might approach care as something creative, as a way of reinventing its place or value in work/ life/ art relations. Perhaps we open up questions around how care is done and who does it. The diversity of the works in the show Grateful Park is testimony to the myriad of questions we are faced with in our current political and environmental crisis. The residents create and inhabit new constellations.


Friday 20 September

Tom Austin
Adam Tuch

Saturday 21 September – Monday 23 September

PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program
Franz-Flemming-Straße 9
04179 Leipzig

PK RD40 

International residents

Adam Tuch (sound, digital art, installation/US)
Agathe Barre (film/FR) 
Antonia Wetzel (performance, painting/DE)
Ariel Taylor (painting/US)
Clément Bedel (painting/FR) 
Christopher Sperandio (comics/US) 
Darien Crossley (performance, painting/US)
Helene Planquelle (painting, drawing/FR)
Isaac Magner (sound design, video/UK) 
Michella Perera (sculpture/UK)
Tom Alexander Austin (performance/UK)
Vernon O´Meally (painting/US)
Zara June Williams (painting/AU)
Zheng Wenxin (painting/CH)

Local Participants
Matthias Geisler (painting, printmaking/DE) 
Simon Schäfer (sculpture, film, sound, installation, digital/DE)

Colette Patterson (UK)

Fiona Irene Graf (DE/UK) 
Huai-ya Lin (TW) 
Silvia Zandomeneghi (IT)
milkafterfish (instagram)
Stanley Louis (HA/FR) 
iam_stanlouis (instagram)–