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Christina Baumann @PILOTENKUECHE

Christina Baumann: an explosion of forms

A blast of forms on canvas and papers? That’s what Christina Baumann, our local resident in the PILOTENKUECHE ROUND 49, does. She is an abstract painter who likes to explore and use her imagination. 

According to Christina, the paintings depend on “what the canvas is offering her”: she starts with just an idea in her mind, then “creates movements and colorful interaction” with different brushes. Finally, if the original idea is still there and connects with what the canvas is conveying, then her art piece is complete. 

Christina Baumann: the two faces of space 

Space plays a huge role in Christina Baumann’s art. Whether it’s the environment in which the artist is at work or the spaces painted by her on the canvas. She noticed that in the last few years her art has been changing, depending on the space she is working in. For example, the cold temperature of her last studio strongly influenced her visual expression during that period. In the same way, when Christina describes her art, the space is the word she often uses in addition to the forms. But why? For Christina, space can represent many things: such as feelings, dimensions, rooms, and forms. 


During the university, Christina Baumann’s art was mainly dark and scratchy. Later on, her paintings became less scratchy and more colorful as she felt freer to explore a new type of expression without limits. In addition, her paintings are mainly abstract, the only few figurative canvases were created during her studies. Also Leipzig, the city she moved to after university inspired the artist by its “colorful vibes and open environment”. 

Christina Baumann: Stimmung, Verlauf and Nachdenklich

Mood, process, and pensive: that’s how Christina Baumann describes her art. Mood is related to the colors. In her opinion, the paintings have a certain type of mood depending on the colors she uses and combines them together. As for the process, to reach the art piece she wants, Christina goes through a sequence of stages of a process that sometimes lasts over a month. Moreover, the process is also related to the brush’s movements and how they fit with the colors. Besides, the word pensive is associated with the whole process Christina goes through during her creativity.


written by Iqra Ghaffar


To find out more about Christina’s work , follow her on Instagram or check out her website.

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