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Mar Ripoll: time revealed

Truly getting to know someone takes a while. With the passage of time, our perception evolves into something completely different from when we started. Some memories slowly fade, while new ones appear and replace the old ones. One dimensionality becomes multi-layered. Mar Ripoll takes her time as she produces her pieces. She builds them intuitively, alternating layers of paint with layers of resin. What transpires between her and the work is much like the development one would experience in a human relationship. This evolution gives them a 3-D quality, making it possible to record time. 

Human nature and individuality

It’s human nature to identify objects we see. Visual language is one of the primal ways we connect to one another. There are no specific meanings in Mar’s abstracts. Her marks and vivid colors allow people to see regular things from everyday life from new perspectives. The interpretation of those experiences is highly individual. How we process the information and find the familiar will be led by our life experience.

Mindlessly look at an object, for example a pile of colourful clothing. First you see bright fabrics, then wild geometric shapes. At some point the image will start talking to you, revealing a personal truth that only makes sense to you at that exact time. Sharing such experience could only be compared to sharing a dream. It is almost pointless for those that do not know your history. Our minds  are wired to find easy exits. We evaluate our surroundings quickly by efficiently putting information in what we consider to be common sense boxes.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist


Truth and identity are determined by perspectives in time. Using psychotherapist Jacques Lacan’s concept of “mirror stage” is one way to explain this phenomenon. It describes how a child sees himself for the first time in a mirror at about six months old and is able to recognize him or herself. The question is what is the authentic self? Is it the self they experienced before seeing their reflection or does the newfound awareness of appearance add a layer that is integral? It is more likely that self is constantly changing due to outside influences and our experiences of them. The conflict comes in knowing that others see only what the mirror sees. Mar’s paintings solve this problem by adding depth to the equation. As each layer is added, a new experience forms. The resin between the layers allows for a three dimensional perspective, revealing a timeline.

Mar speaks out

Mar’s first drawing was of a study of a Picasso painting she found in a book. Ever since he has been the greatest inspiration to her work and influenced her way of thinking and process of creation. Her time in Leipzig has caused her to think about his Guernica painting in a new light. From her home in Majorca, Ukraine felt very much like something that was happening somewhere else. Here Mar has been able to talk with fellow artists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus about their own personal experiences. While her paintings here are not directly derived from Picasso’s anti-war masterpiece, they do reflect a change in attitude. Both artists were quiet until they felt they could no longer be. 


written by Atex

You can find the latest work by Mar Ripoll on her website,  instagram, or as an International Resident in our upcoming PK exhibitions.

Deeply Pelusa Life

Sat 20 Aug 7PM

Performance 8PM

Mon  22 – Thur 25 Aug

Alte Handelsschule
Giesserstr 75

Dreamy Cube Curve

Sat 17 Sept 7PM

Performance 8PM
I am where you are

18, 20, 21 Sept

Franz-Flemming-Str 9