A. Morgan McKendry, Beauty Mark task, photo Tommy Vo

A. Morgan McKendry: visual myths

A. Morgan McKendry plays with the superficiality of the endless number of images produced in the daily chaos of the internet. For interdisciplinary artist Morgan, aka slimebubble, the internet world becomes a space to overcome physical limits, thereby making it an infinite source for new perspectives. The artist overlays references from myths to cartoons and pop icons to anime heroes in order to explore a different narrative of common imaginary. Through layering a massive quantity of images in one piece, the emptiness of visual symbols finds a new meaning by escaping usual power hierarchies. 

Morgan redefines symbols

Not only are our lives mediated by screens, but by the images we see daily. Morgan’s references and themes blur and overlap to suggest a new approach in overcoming canonised associations through experiential and transformative discourse. The artist subverts popular symbols. An alternative frame is created to question what these images are and mean. The world behind the screen becomes a place to find a new active identity. Rather than escaping reality, it enables the understanding of it. 

Images supplied by the artist. Credits as labeled.

Creating huge digital collages in Photoshop, the artist uses online sources to deconstruct common stereotypes. Works like sunset synchronicity and he might kill me: he could kill me, combine historical art, advertising and popular media from  Japan and the United States to point to a different way of thinking about gender roles. Using familiar imagery, the artist highlights how fixed models are intrinsic in most cultures. Morgan reframes the images in a present day context.

struggles create opportunity

Wondering where to display their digital collages and videos, the artist found VJing while living in Boston. In collaboration with Donnie Martin (DOHMA) and Alexan Maximillion Mardigian (AlexXxan), Morgan formed an experimental party called Æther.  In performing, the artist opens a new dimension for their art. During the live performances, Morgan plays with overlaid videos. With their huge archive of material ready to go, the artist can improvise. This allows interaction with the audience and the creation of an intimate response to the atmosphere of the moment. 

For digital collages, Morgan layers images together countless times during a long and dedicated creative process. For videos the process is more intuitive and open to improvisation. Although the artist deconstructs a shared reality, the intense process and growing archive are transforming with them. Elaborating on past and future works, memories and digital images blur in their growing archive library, where the superficiality of a single symbol finds its depth in this endless layering. 

Morgan is currently participating in the PILOTENKUECHE Online Residency. Inspired by other residents, the artist is rediscovering how to perform with their own body and videos, as well as revisiting revolving on themes around the internet and technology. COVID is not exactly party friendly. Meanwhile, they are VJing online on Twitch events, where the artist is editing VJ movies that are one hour long, a new challenge coming with the pandemic. 

written by Costanza Tagliaferri

Find Morgan on website, instagram and Vjay twitch channel.

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feature image: A. Morgan McKendry, Beauty Mark task, photo Tommy Vo


Fri 26 March
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