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Exhibition // DIDIDIDIDIEH! / 28.03.15

PILOTENKUECHE proudly presents:

OPENING// 28.03.15 /15.00h

Dididididieh! is the sound of the goldammer. A chinese story tells that different schools of thought in 18th Century contended with each other like a hundred birds singing. Diverse artistic positions coming together for their melody. Not to fight.

But for a polyphonic choir.

On Saturday 28th April, PILOTENKUECHE shows works of its pilots in its ever-changing studio:
Anna Kautenburger (Video & Performance; Saarbrücken, Germany)
Anushka Rustomji (Painter; Dessau, Germany & Pakistan)
Duane Bahia Benatti (Painter; Stipend of PILOTENKUECHE; Brasil & Leipzig, Germany)
Eriz Moreno (Photographer; Spain)
Jan Kaesbach (Mixed Media; Germany & UK)
Michael Hazell (Painter; London, UK)
Rediet Sisay Biru (Painter; Ethiopia)
Sophie Stephan (Conceptual Arts; Leipzig, Germany)
Vemo Liwei Hang (Painter; China)

Join us for their first group exhibition in Leipzig, plus coffee & cakes & performances!

The exhibition will run from 28.03 to 14.04.15.
We´re open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 14.00 to 18.00.