Marlet Heckhoff: playful urban lines

In Leipzig, lines and volumes blend together to create a unique arrangement. It reflects in the work of German artist Marlet Heckhoff. Drawing her inspiration from streets, construction sites, industrial ruines, as well as harbors and fairs, Marlet’s art combines the interest of the city and digital influences. It is mainly centered on painting but also drawing and building contemporary mosaics.  

From reality to abstraction 

Marlet first followed an apprenticeship as a carpenter before joining the fine arts course at the infamous Bauhaus University in Weimar. Initially focused on representing reality she used to paint people based on photographs. Her artistic journey took an unexpected direction the day she used a canvas’ stretcher to trace the lines of a building she wanted to represent. From then his passion for endless lines and abstract shapes was born.

Although Marlet is influenced by the digital world, she has never used a computer in her art practice. It focuses on painting on canvas with acrylic paint as well as spray paint. Following her intuition, she creates shapes and lines with tapes and plays with colorful abstract volumes. Her  compositions seem to come out of a computer-generated digital world. 

photos by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by artist


Her interest in the pixelated aesthetic of old computer games from the 80s and 90s led her to experiment with a new medium. She wanted to pixelate her creations without using a computer and came up with the idea of constructing paintings using small colored plastic bricks. This playful way of creating preserves the original aesthetic of her works, which feature abstract lines, colors and shapes.

Social involvement 

Leipzig appears as a paradise for artists, but having a studio here is getting more and more difficult. Currently looking for a new place to settle, Marlet is facing this situation. She participated to the BBK open call inviting 31 artists for a group exhibition to talk about their hard studio situation in the city. The goal was to show under which circumstances artworks are produced. Most of the artists work from a small room and some of them don’t have any heating system or running water. This project contributed to the important decision of the city council to have an artists house.

Marlet’s work is constantly evolving. It has gained in colors with time and it is now about to take a new turn. She recently witnessed by chance that her paintings and mosaics reacted and moved under dark light. This is a new side of her art practice she is planning to explore. She always knew she would love to make stage design part of her art practice. Now this idea is getting more important since she saw her creations danced under the light. 

written by Margot Lallier

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