Júlia Polo: art translator

“Curiosity is knowing that you won’t ever know everything.” Júlia Polo is an emerging curator that is driven by her eagerness to explore the world and the society within it. She is enthusiastic about passionate people. As a result, the topic does not really matter to her. If she comes across a person who feels deeply moved by a specific subject, that will inspire her. It then becomes clear why she feels drawn towards working hand in hand with creators.

A truthful encounter

In her eyes, artists represent honesty. An artist will be sincere in their work, express whatever they have inside, and their goal will be to start a conversation, to communicate something and, if necessary, to open debate.


“Art is how we communally make sense of the world. It is a safe space of creation.” She stresses that art is sharing. There is an intention behind to create a narrative, to start a dialogue.

Júlia’s role as moderator

When Júlia goes to an exhibition, she enters it with openness.  Moreover, she trusts the artist(s) and the curator(s) behind it. That leads her to be assured that each and every decision was made to fulfill a purpose. She respects the artwork and the process. That is why she sees curating as a great responsibility. “At PILOTENKUECHE we point in a direction, but we do not limit it. And we will extract meaning from different pieces. It will be a process of learning, re-learning and unlearning.” She sees her duty as that of mediator between the artist, their creation, and the audience. “From my point of view the curator is a bridge between the artist, their concerns, their ideas and their feelings.”

The after craft 

Based in Barcelona and trained in Communication and Cultural Industries, Júlia opts to specialize in curating. It is an area that fascinates her. Therefore, it forces her to constantly renew herself, to be open for different views on issues and to develop. For this reason she approaches her work as would a translator. To begin with, she analyses the reason behind what the artist is doing. It is not about getting in the way; it is not about interfering. From there on she decides what she can add, how she can say it and makes sure the artists are on the same page.

“An exhibition is an ephemeral construction that is born, dies, and must happen in a sustainable way.

Written by Sarah Boada

You can keep up with Júlia at  her website or catch up with her at one of our upcoming shows.


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