J Jiang: being tsunami

How does a tsunami experience the world? J Jiang juggles ideologies whilst not being committed to any of them. While speaking, they uncover more questions regarding the future body, especially with impending technological advancement and how to co-exist with a constantly changing environment. 

Realizing they cannot experience everything in their single life, J turns their attention to how to encounter the otherness from the interior. J employs instruction, artifact and body reaction as a model to discover how things are interconnected with each other. “I’m thinking of how to construct a deeper relationship with surroundings instead of the spontaneous hate or love.” 

J Jiang in between the lines

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “An artifact may be defined as an object that has been intentionally made or produced for a certain purpose. Often the word ‘artifact’ is used in a more restricted sense to refer to simple, hand-made objects which represent a particular culture.” J uses artifacts in ways contrary to their original intentions. This invites the viewer to create their own structures in order to approach them without limitations. “Think of a playful entry point to initiate the conversation.” The viewer can perceive the work on different levels – materially, practically or philosophically.

images by PILOTENKUECHE or supplied by the artist

J focuses on artifacts because humans prioritize their own interests while creating them. The process is full of intentionalities and compromises. During the creative process J asks themselves how artifacts trigger each individual in a different way. How does the way we manipulate the artifacts shape our body in the future? 

In the air

When defining  J’s “otherness”, they mention their upbringing in a family of aeronautical engineers. Daily conversations involved the applied mathematics, theory, knowledge and problem-solving. Since their knowledge was mostly related to the events that happened “in the air”, J found it hard to connect with people on the ground. There was a major gap in common experiences and the vocabulary needed. They also encounter this lack of words when attempting to explain their work to the general public.

At PILOTENKUECHE art residency program, J plays with local artifacts and applies new narratives to them by reconstructing physical material and fabricating the instructions that have been put on them. The work will be presented in the form of a performance. 


written by Kintija Avena


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